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Growing Bonsai Indoors (BBG Guides for a Greener Planet)

After the great success of Indoor Bonsai, Brooklyn Botanic Garden has done it again! This is truly a one-stop-shop that provides everything bonsai aficionados need to know about buying, growing, and styling their plants with confidence through sustainable and organic practices. With fully illustrated color photos and line drawings, Growing Bonsai Indoors presents 20 common and unusual tropical and subtropical trees that are best suited for indoor cultivation. With illuminating articles written by some of the top North American bonsai experts including Julian Velasco, curator of the Bonsai Collection at Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Pauline Muth, president of the American Bonsai Society—keeping bonsai alive and thriving indoors has never been easier.

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2 comments to Growing Bonsai Indoors (BBG Guides for a Greener Planet)

  • Jodie

    Beginner Bonsai hobbiest I was overjoyed to find a book to help my brother get into this awesome hobby. Not only was this book informative, but I got a used one that was in excellent condition.

  • Anonymous

    This book is an excellent resource for the indoor bonsai gardener. It contains all of the basic information needed to get started as an indoor bonsai gardener. I also liked the pictures of various indoor species and it provided good infomation about the type of shapes best suited for that species.

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