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Growing Upside Down Tomato Plants: Learn How to Set Up a Topsy Turvy Planter (Gardening)

Many gardeners add fun to their gardening ventures by pursuing non-traditional ways to grow their vegetables and fruit. Growing tomatoes upside down is one such technique that that is reasonably commonly used.

‘Growing Upside Down Tomato Plants’ discusses the technique and also describes how to go about planting your tomato plant for this type of system.

Needless to say there are tricks to being successful with any gardening technique and in this book you will find out how to set up a planter and how to maintain it to its optimum performance.

How Is This Book Going To Help You?
There are discussions on:

* Tomato container varieties
* the size of pot to use
* tomato container growing conditions
* watering techniques to minimize disease
* fertilizing
* pruning
* pests and disease
* where to hang your planter
‘Growing Upside Down Tomato Plants’ describes the upside down tomato growing process from seedling planting to harvesting so you can start growing your tomatoes in pots with a sense of confidence.

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