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Happy Bonsai 4 Mini Glazed Pots

A set of four glazed, mini bonsai pots. Perfect for your shohin! happy bonsai is a trademark exclusively licensed and distributed by kilofly Group. All rights reserved.

Product Features

  • Beautifully glazed with elegant, attractive color
  • Made of top-quality clay and baked in high temperatures, hence these pots are hardy for both very low and high temperatures
  • Footed with drainage hole
  • Sizes approximate 3.5 cm / 1.4 inch; 3 cm / 1.2 inch (Diameter), 2.5 cm / 1 inch; 5 cm / 2 inch (Height)
  • Included: 4pc ONLY

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2 comments to Happy Bonsai 4 Mini Glazed Pots

  • Heather Motsinger

    Perfect miniatures! These little pots (and as another reviewer noted they ARE little) are exquisitely glazed, especially the white and green ones and are perfect for a variety of purposes: growing small plants that can handle drier conditions (sedums, small clover, creeping thyme, air-plants etc.); for use in dollhouses as planters holding fake plants and flower, umbrella stand, large serving bowl… Because ANY planter of this size dries out quickly, the easiest way to keep them watered is to put them on a pretty plate or saucer and water them from the bottom (i.e., pour water onto the plate). For the same reason, I view plants I put in these as “throw-aways” or temporary. I gave 4 to my mother for her birthday – first I went down to her garage, filled a small cup with potting soil and crept into the yard where I used a spoon to dig up some sedum, some moss, a small tuft of grass and some ivy with tiny, new leaves growing up the side of her house. I planted and watered the newly potted plants (with the unavoidable help of a 3-year-old whose enthusiasm far outmatched her dexterity!) in less than 10 minutes. Once planted, the tiny pots were adorable even though I’d filled them with whatever I could locate quickly outside of her condo on a January day. “If they die”, I told her, “don’t sweat it. Just dump the dead plants and re-fill with new finds!”

  • Buying Beau

    Cute, but small These are VERY VERY TINY but they are adorable and just what I wanted/expected. They are about the size of a small shot glass.

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