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How To Beat The Winter Blues By Growing Bonsai Trees

Why do some folks dislike the winter time with such a hatred? Is it the snow, the cold, the slippery sidewalks, or is it something else they truly hate, and that is getting the winter blues because they always think there’s nothing to do. I have always loved the winter time, from when I was a kid to my present age, I don’t care much for the cost of the rising heat bill each year, but as far as the beauty of the winter scenery, I think it’s wonderful, truly a gift from God.

How would you like to have a hobby that will create scenery inside your home or apartment that rivals the beauty of the winter, and something that can easily help you beat the winter blues, this hobby is growing bonsai trees. Everyone probably has seen a bonsai tree at one time or another, and they are truly stunning, they look like an actual full sized tree, only in miniature. Most of us have seen bonsai trees in Oriental themed stores at the shopping malls, or in movies on TV.

The term or name Bonsai does not come from the type or species of the trees, but from the actual container or planters that are used to grow and house the trees. True bonsai trees are not made from genetically altered seeds or plants, but they are actually normal trees grown from normal seeds, the miniaturization comes from the way they are groomed, altered and the aesthetics used as they grow. Bonsai Trees can therefore be created from almost any normal perennial woody-stemmed tree or bush species that will produce branches, but like with lots of things, certain types of species work better then others.

There are different styles of grooming your bonsai tree, each of these styles give the tree a very unique look, some different examples are: formal upright style, cascade style, literati style, forest style, multi-trunk style, and others. To begin growing bonsai trees, your best option is to buy some beginner books on the subject, or search the internet for more detailed instructions. Once you start growing bonsai trees, you will have found a great hobby that will last a lifetime, and it’s the perfect activity to beat the winter blues.

There is a website that describes numerous activities and other methods to help eliminate the Winter Blues, this website is called: Winter Activities – and it may be found at this url:

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Original Author: Robert W. Benjamin Full Bio

Robert W. Benjamin has been involved in weight loss and has been researching the Winter Blues for a few years. He has personally turned his life around at the age of 50, by reducing his body weight from 400 lbs to 185 lbs. If you want to turn your life around, and read other great info and ideas on beating the winter blues, please check out the website below:

Winter Activities
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