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Huazhiwu 6″ Artificial Bonsai Asparagus Succulents Plant in Locus Shape

Whether displayed in your home living room, outdoors on the front porch or in an indoor patio setting you’ll swear that is resembles a real succulent plant. Carefully crafted this silk succulent plant is a true masterpiece and a treasure to behold and touch. This authentic styled artificial succulent plant is sure to please and just one of our many silk plants online. And… You’ll get to cherish it for a lifetime!

Product Features

  • PE material and natural-looking
  • Color:Green
  • Height of whole bonsai: 14cm; size of plant: L21cm*W12cm; size of vase: W23cm*H4cm
  • So beautiful and graceful, this premium garden brings the charm of one of the world’s most famous gardens into the home

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Tags: Artificial, Plant, Succulents, Locus, Asparagus, Bonsai, shape, Huazhiwu

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