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Hydroponic 60mm/40mm 2 pack Bonsai micro tip pruning shears (Stainless Steel)

Bonsai 60mm and 40mm paired together for the best trimming experience. The 60mm longer length blade for the more long distance cuts and the 40mm for the hard to reach areas. both springless for those who prefer a more smoother trim experience for long periods of time.

Product Features

  • REDUCE HAND STRAIN! Soft grip handles reduces the strain on handles for a painless trimming session.
  • TRIM FASTER AND EFFECIENTLY! Springless design allows for longer periods of pruning and trimming.
  • 60MM LENGTH BLADE! Packaged together with long length blades so you can choose your preference.
  • 40MM LENGTH BLADE! Comes with a shorter length blade for a more precise cut.

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Tags: Pruning, Bonsai, Stainless, 60mm/40mm, Hydroponic

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