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IMAGE® Carbon Steel Bonsai Tool Set 14-Pc Master Professional Shear and Brush Kit w/ Heavy Duty Nylon Case


Whether you are buying tools for your first bonsai tree or have decided to expand your interest into more advanced bonsai techniques, this is a great kit. The kit costs less than half of what you would pay for by buying individually. This tool set includes almost everything one would ever need from a beginner to a master level bonsai enthusiast

This extensive 14-pc set includes:
(1) 7″ trimming scissors;
(2) 7 1/2″ large cutting scissors;
(3) 8 1/4″ medium cutting scissors;
(4) 4″ leaf cutter;
(5) 8 1/4″ knob cutter;
(6) 8″ concave cutter;
(7) branch bender (3″ Between Side Bars When Furthest Apart);
(8) 7″ root cutter;
(9) 9″ Jin splitter;
(10) 8 1/2″ rake with spatula;
(11) 9″ root hook;
(12) 7 3/4″ wire cutter;
(13) 6″ broom;
(14) 10 1/2″ trunk splitter
Slight difference between the picture and the real product might exist since a lot of pieces are hand made.

Product Features

  • Set includes an 14 piece tools in a nylon case with inner flap for all levels of?bonsai?enthusiasts
  • These carbon steel tools will last a lifetime with proper care.
  • Hand Inspected and Lightly Oiled.
  • These traditional bonsai tools are very high quality, and an amazing bargain at this price.

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