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Indoor Bonsai

Discover a new and exciting horticultural art form with this practical guide to bonsai.

A bonsai is a miniature tree. Grown in a shallow dish, it resembles larger trees in all respects except size, and, with the right care and attention, will live to an equally old age. Conventional bonsai need to be grown in the open air, where they are exposed to the sun, wind and rain. In this comprehensive guide, however, Paul Lesniewicz looks at those species that can be kept indoors all year round. This book will show you how to choose a plant or how to grow one from seed, and give you tips on general care, pests and diseases, shaping, wiring and pruning. With this book, you can discover a new and exciting horticultural art form.

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2 comments to Indoor Bonsai

  • "bijucu"

    Very informative and helpful As a bonsai beginner, I found this book contained very good answers to most of my questions. It is more helpful than my other 3 bonsai books, combined.

  • S. Rotvik "S. Rotvik"

    A must for for indoor Bonsai newcomers. This is an excellent book for newcomers and pros alike. It encourages one to break with many of the old traditions and grow your Bonsai indoors! It covers all aspects of tropical and sub-tropical tree cultivation and gives hints and tips on every page. Excellent value for money at any price.

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