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Indoor gardening with a Juniper bonsai tree

While gardening is a common hobby for people staying indoors, growing indoor trees is an even more interesting and challenging. Now the concept of growing flora, as big as trees inside the house sounds like an absurd idea. But, this is not a silly idea anymore as a Juniper bonsai tree can turn your dream of having greenery around the rooms true. However, if you are fond of undergrowth and tiny shrubs that grow like shamrock over the stones, then you can choose Juniper Procumbens nana.

Extremely beautiful to look at, both the plants make excellent additions in living rooms, bed rooms and balconies. You can either place them on your bedside table or beside the windows or in hanging plant pots in the veranda, they simply lighten up the ambience with their presence. A Juniper bonsai tree is a living miniature model of huge and old trees that have been surviving for years. They fit comfortably in small plant tubs and yield fruits and flowers like a regular Juniper tree, only in smaller size. You can however, do a bit of decoration with the Juniper Procumbens nana by letting them sprawl around the stones and pebbles placed in the tub.

These beautiful floras are indeed very rare to see in homes and are highly appreciated by the visitors. Besides beautifying the rooms, they also purify the air of the room by generating fresh oxygen. As claimed by the scientists, a Juniper bonsai tree and a Juniper Procumbens nana are capable of filtering the pollution in the air and reduce the mal components in the air. Growing bonsai trees is a classic art that requires dedication, perseverance and love for green plants. The Procumbens nana shrubs are fresh green in color and look extremely fresh, hence, good for the eyes. 

Normally, these bonsai plants do not demand too much of a maintenance job. They are to be watered once daily that can vary depending upon the type and requirment of the concerned plant. Those exposed to sunlight  regularly do not require a lot of water. A maximum of 6 hours of sun exposure is enough for the plants to survive. However, you should check the soil of your Juniper bonsai tree to ensure that it has enough moisture for the plant. You should not let it go dry by watering religiously. Watering should be done in a way by sprinkling water from the top of the leaves without disturbing its soil base. The requirement of a Juniper tree and Juniper Procumbens nana differ, so you need to adjust accordingly.

However, bonsai trees can be grown outdoor as well. But, keeping them indoor keeps them aloof from the natural perils like worms, rain, snow, storm, heat, etc. that can harm the trees potentially. This species of trees is particularly very sensitive and needs protection from the harsh elements.

Original Author: Dylan Ross Full Bio
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