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JAPAN Bonsai Tool set: TinyGreen Shear Japanese Butterfly and Long Handle Ashinaga ShearsProfessional Grade

One large handle butterfly shears offer superior precision and the ultimate in lifetime quality. These are probably the most versatile tools in bonsai tool collection. You can use them to prune leaves, small branches and even roots of your bonsai trees. These can also be used in general gardening. They are very comfortable to hold. One Long Handle Ashinaga Shears. Regular thinning of your trees encourages growth of shorter, smaller and fuller branches.The thinner blades and longer profile of Ashinaga Shears are designed for reaching into bonsai trees to cut away small branches and trim buds and leaves, all crucial in the art of bonsai. The smaller and longer handles give you a finer degree of control. These tools are individually forged and adjusted to perfection by highly skilled craftsmen. They are widely used by Japanese bonsai club leaders and experts.

Product Features

  • High Quality Professional Bonsai Tool set
  • Most Versatile Bonsai Scissors for Leaves, Branches and Roots
  • Razor Sharp Cutting Blades
  • Created by Japanese Master Craftsmen with Highest Standard
  • Made in Japan

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