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Japanese black pine tree – Pinus T. – bonsai or outdoor starter plant

malleable spirit and tolerance to the elements, the Japanese black pine (Pinus Thunbergiana) is the quintessential symbol of friendship in Japanese gardens around the world. The Japanese Black Pine makes a truly excellent Bonsai tree. It is often referred to as the quintessential Bonsai type of tree. This is a powerful type of tree. In the wild, these trees can reach a rather jaw dropping height of 40 meters (131 feet). They are hardy trees with leaves that more resemble needles and a bark that is very rather black.This tree likes a well drained soil. As always, check to make sure that your pot has holes in the bottom to allow for good drainage. This tree doesn’t like to be overwatered. Keep it a little on the dry side (but not bone dry) to encourage it to search for water.

Product Features

  • Pinus Thunbergiana
  • Color: black
  • Soil Conditions: watering when dry, Well Drained
  • you will received starter plant in 4″ pot

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3 comments to Japanese black pine tree – Pinus T. – bonsai or outdoor starter plant

  • Thomas P. Krafft "thomaskrafft"

    As Advertised and Healthy Anyone expecting a Bonsai tree missed the bullet point in the description that states ’4″ starter plant’. I got exactly what was offered and it seems healthy enough to someday be trained into a Bonsai tree.

  • Anonymous

    Tree arrived promptly and in good health. Just as advertised, it’s a starter plant. If you’re looking to turn it into a bonsai, it’ll be some time before it’s ready, but given the time to grow it certainly can become one.

  • Anonymous

    I got the wrong tree the first go round but they quickly replaced it with this one. It arrived looking very healthy. I am excited to watch throughout the coming summer.

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