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#japanesegarden: Japanese Style Garden Photo Book: The microcosmos of Zen spirit

Contained 47 pics of 23 Japanese style gardens.
Entsuin temple, Rinnouji temple, Kyu-Yasuda garden, Kyu-Furukawa garden,
Hokokuji temple, Erinji temple, Iouji temple, Ryotanji temple,
Ichijodani Asakura clans ruins, Kenrokuen garden, Nomura samurai house,
Saimyoji temple, Enkouji temple, Tenjuan temple, Murinan garden, Kenninji temple,
Shoseien garden, Myorenji temple, Matsuo-taisha shrine, Taimadera temple,
Adachi museum of art, Kanyoji temple, Komyozenji temple

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Tags: microcosmos, #japanesegarden, photo, Garden, spirit, Japanese, Book, Style

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