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Joebonsai 4 Piece Bonsai Tree Tool Kit, Book and Tool Wrap (JBTK3)

This is a four piece bonsai tool care kit that includes quality Japanese tools, the iconic 101 Essential Bonsai Tips Book and a Deluxe Bonsai Tool Wrap. An excellent selection of pieces and an inexpensive way to begin your bonsai tool collection. This makes a great gift for Bonsai beginners too. Here’s what you get: Traditional Japanese butterfly shaped Bonsai Shear/Scissor: An excellent all-purpose bonsai tool. They’re strong, durable and precise. This is a high quality Japanese, forged steel tool. Bonsai Rake: Called a Kumade in Japan, it’s a versatile bonsai tool used most commonly to comb out roots when re-potting your Bonsai tree. 10 1/4-inch stainless steel. Curved-tip Tweezer/Rake combination tool: A million-and-one uses, it’s ideal for manicuring your Bonsai and working in those small bonsai-sized spaces. Genuine Japanese Hemp Broom: With a thousand years of tradition, these hemp brooms are used to gently remove soil from the root structure and for general ground maintenance. And it also make quick cleanup of your pruning job. 101 Essential Bonsai Tips Book: This book is an icon in the Bonsai world. It gives quick answers to all your questions in plain English. 73 pages, all in full color. Deluxe Bonsai Tool wrap | roll up: Tool roll-ups are how Bonsai tools are traditionally carried and stored. This genuine imported Japanese tool wrap is made of Canvas and leatherette, and is designed to protect your tool’s delicate edges and tips while keeping them dry, clean and organized. Like all Joebonsai products, your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

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