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Joebonsai Bonsai Tree Fertilizer | No Nitrogen! 0:10:10

Use this 0:10:10 fertilizer for newly transplanted Bonsai trees. Formulated without nitrogen so itdoesn’tpromote foliage growth,this formulation still provides a balanced delivery of phosphorus and potassium to keep your Bonsai tree’s root system healthyand happy. A great product and a bit hard to find. Imported by Joebonsai from Japan. This is an 8 ounce bottle. Mix 2 teaspoons in one gallon of water and apply every two weeks.

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1 comment to Joebonsai Bonsai Tree Fertilizer | No Nitrogen! 0:10:10

  • MZ

    This a wonderful Bonsai Tree fertilizer In the past I had no luck growing anything. Everything I tried to grow died a quick and horrible death. I always loved cute bonsai trees and have unfortunately killed several in the past. I recently bought another bonsai tree that looked so beautiful in the store I could not resist trying to raise it with tender loving care. I bought Joebonsai Bonsai Tree Fertilizer from Amazon and added a tablespoon to my distilled gallon of water. Initially the tree leafs were starting to die and fall off conjuring up past painful memories of my sorted plant killing days. Once I started to using the fertilized water many bright green leafs started sprouting up all over the tree branches. To my amazement, the tree started producing beautiful and cute tiny white flowers all along the branches. The tree looks awesome. I hope my luck holds up.

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