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Jonsteen Growing Kit – Black Bansai Trees

The Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree Kit is the perfect start for growing your own bonsai trees right from seeds. High germination bonsai seed and easy to follow instructions included in this complete starter kit. Makes a great hobby or science experiment.

The easiest and least expensive way to start bonsai trees from scratch. The high quality seed means you always get a tree and don’t have to be a horticultural expert. Everything you need to start a healthy tree is included in this kit.

The Japanese Black Pine Bonsai can be shaped through it’s entire life span as you start it from seed. The Black Pine has many desirable characteristics for bonsai growers and responds favorably to shaping. A must have for anyone looking to start growing bonsais.

Product Features

  • Each Kit Includes: Mini Greenhouse, Grow Medium, Perlite, High Germination Rate Seeds, Instructions
  • A single tree can last for generations.
  • Kits are fun for the entire family.
  • Every tree growing kit will produce one or more viable saplings.

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3 comments to Jonsteen Growing Kit – Black Bansai Trees

  • Chet

    Great gift idea! First let me clarify one thing(not that they tried to lie to you, they didn’t); “Bonsai Seeds” are no different than any other tree seed. A bonsai is not a special breed, simply an art form. With that out of the way, this product was just as described. It contained around 8 black pine seeds, some soil, pumice, and this neat greenhouse thing to plant them in. I followed the directions and 5 trees sprouted within days of removing them from the fridge. Only one is still alive (my own fault for killing them) and it seems to be thriving in the same plastic greenhouse I planted it in 4 months ago. This would be a womderful gift for young children to watch their very own tree grow for years and years.Tip – wait a very, very long time to transplant the seedlings to a new container. I would say close to a year. That is how I killed some of the other seedlings :(

  • Laura

    Unexpected!! I didn’t think the bonsias were going to grow when I bought this product. I also thought I planted them to deep and that they would never come up, but I have four Bonsias after following all the instructions. Trust me if you want a bonsia buy this product it acually grows. I thougt I planted them poorly but their all poping up.

  • TheGreenThumbs

    Nice hobby… Mine doesn’t look all that good, but it’s not the kits fault. I’m not that great of an artist when it comes to plants. I just purchased this to have something fun me and the family could play with together. Overall good product!

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