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Joshua Roth 2091 Watering Wand with On-Off Control

Designed specifically to provide a dense, gentle velvet mist spary similar to light rain. Includes an internal nylon diffuser to distribute spray more evenly than other watering wands. Removable mesh micro-screen for easy cleaning and an on-off valuve provides convenient control of water flow.

Product Features

  • Chrome plated
  • Brass shaft
  • Standard female hose fitting in ABS plastic
  • Internal nylon diffuser
  • Dense velvet mist

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3 comments to Joshua Roth 2091 Watering Wand with On-Off Control

  • A. Scales

    My favorite watering wand I’ve been using this Joshua Roth watering wand for several years for bonsai, other potted and in ground plantings. I find it the most perfect wand and I’ve tried most . With an attached volume controller, it will provide a nice even gentle spray for bonsai to a hard spray that will clean out the bird bath. The spray head unscrews for easy cleaning. This wand would get 5 stars except the part that screws onto the hose is made of plastic. After several years, the threads are now stripped and the wand is popping off the hose. Wish they made this part out of metal.

  • Anonymous

    water has a soft flow and control of the output. I didn’t use the standard plastic attachment that came with it as it was leaking and luckily I had spare parts to substitute and worked like a charm with no leak. Would have gave it 5 stars if it got here in time after I paid for expedited shipping.

  • Anonymous

    Using for plug watering. Works well. Creates a gentle flow of water. Won’t wash seedling out easily because of this.

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