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Joyoldelf 8 Pack Automatic Watering System with Self Ceramic Probes Houseplant Spikes for Watering Bonsai, Plants, Flowers

Let Joyoldelf Automatic Watering Device Help You to Water Bonsai!

It can automatically water your flowers, bonsai and any plants if you prepared enough water in water container, there is no need to ask your friends or family members to take care of your plants if you have this automatic watering device, it offers you great convenience in life, it’s also a perfect gift for your friends or someone who has plants.

How to use

1.Soak it into the water for 15 minutes, until the ceramic part and pipe are filled with water
2.Prepare a water container( a cup or a bowl), filled with water
3.Place the houseplant spikes at the side of your plants, put the white pipe into the water container
4.Then the red pipe will automatically bring water from the container to the plants


-The height of the water source has different water-carrying capacity due to differences in pressure
-According to the demand of each plants and pots size, please use the appropriate pieces of watering devices
-Please clean the ceramic cones if used it for a few months


Length of Red Pipe: 74 cm
Size of Watering Device: 11 cm x 3 cm


8 x Watering Spikes

Product Features

  • Automatic watering system provides a simple way to water plants, it will draw water into the pot as the plant needs it, offers great convenience when you go out or have no time to water the plants everyday
  • It’s versatile, you also can add some water soluble plant food or water soluble powder into the water, then the nutrition will be automatically absorbed with the water, helps your plants healthily grow up
  • Easy to use, just soak them in a bowl of water and fill them to the brim then place the cap on top, the pipe will draw water then water is absorbed by the plant, that’s it
  • There is no worry about watering too much or too less water for plants as you can control how much water in your cup, pail or other containers, how much water they will transfer in a day, this depends on the height of your water source
  • Set of 8, you can use many watering devices for your plants if them needed, the ceramic probe helps get straight to the root, it’s perfect for watering any indoor plant

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