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leoyoubei Aquarium shape beautification decoration,Applicable to micro-landscape, fish turtle hidden, bonsai beautification. Shrimps & Snails Love Them (Artificial rotten bottle)

Applicable to micro-landscape,Reptile cave, red rose spider house landscape, scorpion, pet snake, hermit crab。Add new knowledge and fun to the children.

Designed for the fish’s natural living environment for housing or production.

Designed specifically with a filter function aquarium resin material.

They are absolutely safe and most importantly, they will not die, rot or cause any algae problems.It’s suitable for sea water and fresh water. When placed in Aquarium, providing biofilm and hidden places for fish or dwarf shrimp。

Use tips:

After receiving the product, please do not rush into the aquarium, plus surface paint color, after receiving the product, it is best to soak in water for 1-2 days,Then bask in the sun for a day and then put it in your aquarium.

Due to the manufacture of resin material, insoluble in water, high temperature firing, do not fade, does not affect the water quality, does not affect the health of fish.

Note: because of the difference between the light and the screen, the color of the item may be slightly different from the picture. Please understand. Make sure you don’t mind before bidding.

Product Features

  • Turtles, frogs, amphibious salamanders, shrimp, fish and other 1-1.45 “small size products for the pet surface provides a rest and shade and shelter, sunbathing place.
  • Artificial barrels: length x width x height about 6 “x 4.45″ x 5.25 “; bucket type: length x width x height about 5.5″ x2.25 “x4″, hole width: about 1.15 “-2″
  • Decorative fish tank, fish escape . Have the natural ability to sink in the water, not scratch the bottom of the glass tank.
  • And without the size and depth of water tank restrictions ,can be assured configuration.It’s suitable for sea water and fresh water.
  • Suitable for micro landscape, small aquarium, decorations, etc.Well decorated and used in planted tanks.Fish shelter, aquarium fish escape hole, resin fish hiding house, fish tank landscape ornaments, rockery ornaments.

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