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Medium Size Bonsai Tree Plastic Pots, Set of 3 Bonsai Tree Pots, Bonsai Trays

Plastic Bonsai Tree Humidity Tray, 3 Same Sized Bonsai Tree Pots, Bundle

This durable black plastic Bonsai Tree Tray is essential for the growth and nurturing of any Bonsai Tree. This tray is slightly raised to help increase sturdiness and and will help protect against any surface and maintain moisture levels throughout the tree when watering.

To use your Bonsai Humidity Tray, layer pebbles on the tray and place the Bonsai Tree on top of the pebbles. As you water your Bonsai, the excess water will drain from the holes in the bottom of the Bonsai container onto the tray. Keep some water in the tray at all times to provide a humid environment for your Bonsai.

made in china

Product Features

  • Made of a long lasting black plastic that will protect any surfaces.
  • Helps maintain moisture levels to keep your Bonsai tree nurtured.
  • Tray is raised from the underneath for extra support.
  • Will help protect against any surfaces.
  • Plastic Bonsai Tree Humidity Tray comes in a bundle of 3 same sized trays. Each tray will measure 4 3/4″ x 6.5″ x 2.5″

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