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Micro Landscape Small Resin Ornament Scenery Bonsai Gardening Accessories (2pc Stone Bridge[send in random])

There have brown and gray to choose. It built a fairy world for you when the petite bridge that would work well in a container mini garden or in a terrarium. Imagine this bridge nestled on moss-covered ground and a stream of pebbles lining the riverbed below.

Product Features

  • Watch movies, surf the net, read content on your device hands free
  • Suitable for landscape and Vertical View, cartoon image for gir
  • apply for notes or message leaving stents
  • color: green material: wood .Size: 17x9cm

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Tags: Random, gardening, stone, Ornament, Accessories, Resin, Bonsai, Bridgesend, Micro, Scenery

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