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Mini Bonsai Kit

With this kit, complete with a 32page book explaining bonsai gardening, an instruction sheet, a small pot, a peat pellet, a packet of seeds, and a pair of scissors, indoor gardeners can grow a peaceful mini-garden anywhere they choose. Whether it’s on a desk or in a kitchen, this little bit of greenery will brighten up the day-just add water! Also available in a full-size kit

Product Features

  • Invite tranquility into your workplace or home.
  • 2.5″ diameter pot, peat pellet, seeds, scissors and a booklet.
  • Just add water and a little patience.
  • Not for children under 3 yrs.

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3 comments to Mini Bonsai Kit

  • Pamela Sersen

    Shouldn’t be used alone What you should know before buying this kit is that no one experienced with bonsai trees seems to be growing Jack Pine Trees. So, it can be difficult to find supplementary information. Also, I planted all six seeds and only got one to sprout. Now that I’ve done more research, I am a little surprised that I got even one. Most trees that need cold stratified stay in the refrigerator for 90 days, not one week.However, I did get my one tree from this kit, and he seems relatively happy. He’s nothing like a tree yet even though he’s more than a year old. He looks more like a pom-pom on a little twig and doesn’t have any real branches yet. This leads me to think that this is not the best species of tree for a beginner. There are so many things that can go wrong, and having a tree that takes forever to mature makes it even more stressful.This book tries to make the process sound easy and short when it’s actually a fairly long process. Some of the shortcuts in its directions probably greatly reduce your chances of getting a good tree established.A better place to start would be: All of their seed packs cost less than $5 and come with ten to fifty seeds and documentation specific to the kind of seeds with step by step directions. You’ll be just as good starting there if you want to start growing a bonsai tree from a seed.

  • Stephanie Martin

    Mini Bonzai was a bit of a disappointment The Mini Bonsai kit caught my eye at a local bookstore because I’ve always wanted a bonsai, but I’m very good at killing plants. I figured I’d pick this one up and take a look at it. While it’s rather neat, it’s still a bit of a disappointment. My first complaint is with the box, it says it contains everything needed to grow a bonsai garden. The kit contains everything needed to grow a bonsai tree, but not a garden. Small difference, but still somewhat puzzling.

  • B. Lalonde

    It does work well when done correctly A lot of people claim that their bonsai hasn’t grown because of the instructions, but I’ve also noticed that a lot of amateur bonsai enthusiasts go against the instructions in the tiny book by way of cold stratifying beyond suggested time, using techniques too advanced for this particular kit, et cetera. However, it’s been a couple of months and my bonsai is thriving. Call it luck, but I planted it during a less than forgiving summer (rather than spring), watered it with tap water, kept it indoors for weeks at a time, and yet it’s becoming a little masterpiece on my desktop.I have actually owned this kit twice; the first being when I was just 11 years old. The first time I threw away the instructions by mistake and planted the seeds without cold stratifying, and it sprouted shortly before wilting to death due to my childhood apathy of growing stuff. Today my desk is graced with the company of a maple bonsai I found (bonsai are everywhere, even if the kit were to fail), and the included pine that, currently, vaguely resembles the unknown variety of pine in my yard.The kit itself doesn’t come with everything for a beginner, however. There are many more tools used in the delicate art of bonsai other than the tiny scissors. Perhaps this the one essential that should have been added would have to be training wire.

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