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Mu Tian Bonsai Scissors Bonsai Shear Root Pruning Scissors Branch Scissors 180 Mm (7″) Blacksmithing

Tian Bonsai is a new brand based in the CN. Focus on the manufacture of bonsai tools. If you have any question about the bonsai tools, we’ll help you to find the solution complete. You can find the proper products to meet your needs. Constructed of the toughest materials and with the highest quality standards, our products will perform above and beyond expectations every time. Our manufacturing is located in China, is one of the Herald manufacturers in making gardening hand tools, the factory has developed a complete line of garden tools, As being the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for famous brand bonsai tools companies and export around the world. Simultaneously, it has accumulated a plenty of experience in making and supplying excellent quality products. Carrying on the management philosophy, Tian Bonsai continues to R&D products; constantly takes your wishes and demands into account; provides customized finishing with adequate equipment and technologies. Relying on the manufacturing resource in China, Tian Bonsai has strong confidence to provide products with the best quality as well as the unbeatable price. To bring you reliable, durable, excellent products is our commitment when you buy from us. To better service for foreign users, we rented a logistics warehouse in California, part of our products is stored in there for sale, once you place an order and complete the payment, we are immediately arrange California warehouse staff prepare the products for send, if your shipping address is in the United States, the items will be sent to you within 5 days. If your address is outside the United States, we will arrange USPS Express shipping worldwide, 7-15 days time the items can be delivered to you at normal circumstances. All modes of transport are free.

Product Features

  • Good quality bonsai tools made by the senior technician from TianBonsai, have the nice quality and reasonable price.
  • Please choosing our tools safely, we offer the best Sales service. Normal usage within one year if the product is not up to standard, to ensure replacement, if your tools damaged by normal used, you just need to take a photo to us, a new item will immediately send to you without any expenses.
  • Be made by the special steel, the tools have very high hardness as over HRC58, Simultaneously have performance with superior resistance to rust, much more easily if you use it to take good care for your bonsai.
  • China location item, standard shipping model, delivery date estimated 9-20 days from China.

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