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National Tree Cedar Bonsai with Oval Black Plastic Pot, 16-Inch

The cedar bonsai is 16-inch tall and comes in a black oval pot. It can be used for indoor or outdoor use. There is no pruning, watering or sunlight needed.

Product Features

  • For indoor or outdoor display
  • No need for dirt, water or sunlight
  • Resistant to animals and insects
  • Pruning never required
  • Great for areas that otherwise would not support live plantings

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Tags: Cedar, Black, Tree, National, Oval, Bonsai, 16Inch, Plastic

3 comments to National Tree Cedar Bonsai with Oval Black Plastic Pot, 16-Inch

  • J. Munoz "Ninja Man"

    Love this Tree! Looks pretty real from a distance. The only downfall is the roots look fakey, but it will pass. Better than having to wait for the bonsai to grow or take care of it. Buy it. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Child Shrink

    terrible disappoint my worst plastic fears rekindled. This product is the worst of China reproductions; the ‘tree’ looks phony is not as advertised. Stay away

  • Anonymous

    My only complaint is with the cheap plastic pot it’s planted in. You’d think for this much money they’d provide a nice gloss black ceramic pot. I’m hoping I can find a nicer pot to “transplant” it into.

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