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Nicely started California redwood tree – 21 inches high

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Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) are one of the oldest plant families on Earth. Although they thrive in the temperate rain forests of the Pacific Northwest, they can adapt to higher elevations and warmer and dryer climates, as well as colder areas. The secret is lots of water and sunshine. The common name for these trees is California Redwood or Coastal Redwood. They can live for 2,000 years or more in ideal conditions. This species includes the tallest trees on Earth, reaching up to 375 feet in height.

You are purchasing a large redwood tree plug, two to three years old. These stand about 21 inches measured from the bottom of the plug, which is about 2 inches in diameter. We recommend that you pot these in 1-gallon pots on arrival.

The first picture shows a typical plug. The second picture shows the plants in our greenhouse. The third picture shows a Sequoia grove.

You can regulate the speed of growth by varying the light — the lower the light, the slower the growth. But do keep them moist, as redwoods like lots of water. We think these can be grown outdoors successfully from zones 5 through 9 if proper care is given.

We recommend growing these as pot plants for up to a year, gradually increasing the size of the pot. Plant in the ground in the spring of 2015. Be sure to allow for room to grow when selecting a location, and be sure to provide plenty of water in dry conditions.

Or you can grow these as container plants by pruning them back if they threaten to get too big.

These trees were tissue cultured from large redwoods that showed superior growth, shape, adaptation to varying climatic regions, limb structure, height and diameter.

A mature tree is said to produce nearly 260 pounds of oxygen a year. Young redwoods use sunlight so efficiently (3-4 times more than pines) that they can grow even in deep shade.

Product Features

  • Genuine California Sequoia redwood tree
  • Grows very fast, easy to grow
  • Great for landscapes and for bonsai
  • Wonderful for a classroom project

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