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Orchid Bonsai, Maintenance Free, Miniature Flower Plant for House, Desk, Garden. Unique, Great Live Gift Plant

Your Psygmorchis Pusilla orchid plant is 2 inches wide at maturity with a blooming flower spike. Because the orchid is rooted in our special recipe gel medium, you can watch it grow with a peace of mind even if you have the brownest of thumbs. The nutrition in the gel eliminates the need for watering, fertilizing, and direct sunlight. Regular indirect indoor light is sufficient. At any point, you can also transplant your orchid bonsai plant into a pot. At Orchid Gene, our professional plant scientists use state of the art plant technology to bring you beautiful plants that require no maintenance. All of our plants are non-GMO. You can buy with confidence with our Satisfaction Guarantee: We delivered healthy live bonsai plants with growth for a solid month… or we will send you a new plant.

Product Features

  • INNOVATIVE BIOTECHNOLOGY: Using advanced plant biotechnology, our scientists are able to get the Psygmorchis Pusilla to bloom frequently by replacing soil with a nutritive gel medium!
  • DESKTOP PLANT: The orchid bonsai plant stands just 4″ tall, meaning your beautiful, miniature living orchid will grow to an adorable 2″ and look fantastic on your desk, windowsill, or dresser.
  • NO GREEN THUMB NEEDED: Because it grows in a gel medium, this Orchid Bonsai does not need watering, fertilizing, or direct sunlight. Regular indirect indoor lighting is sufficient. It will continue to grow and bloom flowers for up to a full year. This is one plant you don’t have to worry about when you go on vacation.
  • ELEGANT HOME DECORATION: This Bonsai Orchid is perfect for table arrangement or elegant home decoration. It comes in a sturdy, open glass container which fits well with any indoor theme.
  • PLANT GROWTH GUARANTEE: If you’re orchid bonsai plant doesn’t achieve solid, healthy growth for a month, let us know and we’ll happily send you a new plant free of charge.

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