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Pennplax Red Bonsai Tree Aquarium Decor, 8-Inch

Penn plax’s beautiful 8-inch red bonsai tree. It makes the perfect addition to your reptile habitat or aquarium tank. Provides a ‘zen’ look to your pets home.

Product Features

  • Pennplax red 8-inch bonsai tree
  • It is meant for reptile habitats and aquariums
  • Red 8-inch bonsai tree is very life like;

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3 comments to Pennplax Red Bonsai Tree Aquarium Decor, 8-Inch

  • AutumnSunshine

    Gorgeous! Beautiful addition to a betta tank. He absolutely loves to sit on the leaves., and since it’s made of silk, it won’t damage his fins.

  • v

    As pictured The product was as pictured. Some leaves were bent and sticking out in unnatural directions, but that was fixed with some coaxing (just gently push them where you want them and hold them there for a bit).I found that the back of the pot and the base of the tree were rather ugly (in my opinion), so I put the ornament as deep into the sand as possible. Cuts down on the height but it looks great.

  • Anonymous

    Neat in picture super Ugly and not worth the cost in real life. returned it do not waste your money.

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