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Planting Guide – Your Plants

Product Features

  • CHAPTER I.How to Make a Lawn
  • CHAPTER II.Soil for Potting-Artificial Fertilizers
  • CHAPTER III.Selecting and Sowing Seeds
  • CHAPTER IV.Making and Planting Flower Beds
  • CHAPTER V.Watering Plants-Is Cold Water Injurious?
  • CHAPTER VI.Atmosphere and Temperature.-Insects
  • CHAPTER VII. Wintering Plants in Cellars
  • CHAPTER VIII.The Law of Color in Flowers
  • CHAPTER IX.The Relation of Plants to Health
  • CHAPTER X.Layering

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1 comment to Planting Guide – Your Plants

  • Athira Clariz

    Free Book on Planting Guide This is what I need right now. I just started the foundation of my garden. Most information are useful especially for starters like me.

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