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Potting and Sod Sickle 2 1/2″ Blade for Bonsai 194b

Potting & Sod Sickle 194B This sickle has 8 teeth per inch versus 12 for our 194 root and sod cutter resulting in more aggressive cutting. Also, the blade is shorter and thicker for heavier tasks. Works very well in removing bonsai from the pot and then sawing away tightly packed soil and roots. I could not be without one myself. Especially good when you buy a pot bound tree that needs large amounts of soil and roots removed. This tool has many applications around the garden and your bonsai tool roll should not be without one, especially for the price. 2 1/2″” blade, 8″ overall.

Product Features

  • Shorter, thicker blade for heavy tasks
  • Saw away tightly packed roots

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