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(Pruning Tools *Ambizu*) 2 Pcs Automatic Watering Device Drip Irrigation Device Creative Garden Tools Bonsai


1, open the lid of the green into the water seepage head soak for 15 minutes or more (white porcelain head

section must be completely immersed in the water);

2, the prepared water containers filled with water (such as water bottles, cups, bottles, etc.);

3, a good soaking watering device filled with water; skin tube filled with water also can not have air tightly

green plastic cover;

4, the automatic watering device and the other end into the storage container;

5, the last head of the overall water seepage can be inserted into the pots.

Please note:

When using : Proposed reservoir (bucket) placed slightly above the flowerpot

1 , the extent of the soil loose , absorbent and reservoir water levels will directly affect the rate of water

seepage . Absorbent peat cultivation medium, automatic watering device seepage faster than compacted

soil. And relatively speaking, the higher the level of the reservoir seepage faster. We can use the actual

situation of their own to adjust the level of water in order to achieve their satisfaction with the results.

2 , water containers can be used to replace the water in the light liquid fertilizer , so fertilizer slow infiltration

basin , plants better absorb.

Product Features

  • Type: Drip Series
  • Material: pottery + PP
  • Features: Automatic Watering
  • Scenario: home gardening
  • Color: white , Size: long 11cm / wide 3cm

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