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Rectangle bonsai planter / pot – chinese ceramic, white / gray crackle glazed

Each of our bonsai planters is a simple hand made ceramic made of coarse clays for a rustic appeal. They are ideal for creating tranquil scenery using your own preference of plantings and objects. The crackle finish of this planter also carries a double meaning in Chinese arts and culture. The word ‘crackle’ in Chinese has a sound similar to the term for ‘year after year.’ So the crackle finish has the connotation of both longevity and the life cycle. The Chinese art of Penjing, Korean “bunjae” and Japanese “bonsai” translate as “tray scenery” or “tray landscape.” Typically this is interpreted as referring to miniature trees but actually it applies to any potted scenery or miniature landscape, including trees, plants, stones or water. The art’s origin is likely from Chinese medicine. Special medicinal plants needed to be kept alive yet easily transported. Eventually the functionality gave way to form and we have today’s miniature landscape art.

Product Features

  • Vintage ceramic Bonsia pot
  • Pre-drilled drainage holes
  • Rustic finish for authentic bonsai presentation
  • Size: 7.75″ x 4.75″ x 1.5″H
  • Hand crafted in China circa 1970

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1 comment to Rectangle bonsai planter / pot – chinese ceramic, white / gray crackle glazed

  • Anonymous

    This pot was exactly what I wanted. Small, traditional, and very elegant. Really brings out the best in your bonsai. And for such a cheap price, it is well worth it.

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