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Red Anthurium In Hawaiian Lava Rock Bonsai Tree

By BBNY – Anthurium is the most popular and long lasting of all tropical flowers. Our premium red Anthurium, from anthos, meaning flower, and oura, meaning tail, refers to the many tiny-like spadix. These bright red colored beauties (currently in bloom) are the most well known the world over. Real Hawaiian lava rock is hand selected to provide a happy home for your Anthurium. Our Anthuriums have been specially hybridized for use as houseplants due to their trouble-free growing requirements. With reasonable care your volcano bonsai should last for years. Place in a bright window or on a countertop without direct sun and best to keep a small amount of water in a saucer/tray. Fertilize monthly at 1/2 strength with a soluable fertilizer found at your local garden shop.


Product Features

  • Flowering bonsai tree in lava rock
  • 3 years old, 9″-11″ tall

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2 comments to Red Anthurium In Hawaiian Lava Rock Bonsai Tree

  • Angela

    Lasts about a month I live in MN, so did not have the humidity this plant needs to thrive on a rock. The rock also is porous, so it came hiding a lot of insects. The flowers lasted about a month. After that it was a struggle to keep it alive and trips to the garden centers to buy pesticides to control the bugs that came out. The bugs fed off the plant, so the leaves gradually had to be removed as they got holes in them and turned black, brown, or yellow. It is probably a great plant for a 7-10 zone. I was sad to see it go, and I tried so hard to keep it going. It was a fight with the bugs. I wouldn’t get this again.

  • M. Wall "smile"

    Best gift choice This is maybe the best gift choice I have made for one of my grown kids. He never bothered with such things…but somehow I thought it might just be that something he would enjoy looking after…since, according to the description, it would be easy. And I was thinking…but, it is still a living thing. He has just reported to me that the plant is thriving and he is really enjoying it so much, he is going to get another. I know my son would have no trouble telling me it is gone already. So, this Mum is really happy. And, maybe I’ll get him another next year. Maybe I will get a more wintery tree for myself up here in Maine.

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