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Secrets on Growing Bonsai Trees in This Galaxy

Space – what a frontier! These are the voyages from a bonsai enterprise. Actually, this voyage is to decide on the space for growing bonsai trees. Bonsai trees need a proper home in order to thrive. Bonsai homes or containers come in several variations.

Most bonsai you see in the store or at your friends house are in ‘display’ containers. These are usually made of ceramic. Ceramic containers often have a glazed finish are used to compliment the display of your bonsai tree. As you to venture out on your own with the art of bonsai, you will also discover that you can use just about any pot to grow your bonsai, especially when you are training the tree. As expected, the training pots are less expensive than the display pots.

Just like the ‘trek’ team used to be beamed up to the starship, your bonsai trees also need beams; sun beams that is. The amount of sun your particular bonsai receives is just as important as the pot which you plant it in. Get sun from the south. In the summer, the sun may actually require you to water it more often. Lighting can also affect the size of the leaves. For instance, the Snow Bush bonsai leaves grow large in moderate light; however, placing this tree into full sunlight will actually produce smaller trees.

The captain was no stranger to fast growing ‘tribbles’. For the new bonsai enthusiast, there are several varieties of fast growing bonsai trees, so you don’t have to wait as long for results. The Lavender Star Flow is one of those varieties. These trees are hardy, fast growing bonsai whose flowers have superb blooms and colors.

Just like Captain Kirk voyages took him to many different galaxies, enjoying the art of bonsai can open up a new universe to you.

Original Author: George Reynolds Full Bio
George Reynolds has had a fascination with bonsai for his life. Living in the South for a number of years, I always like the bald cypress bonsai. I used to think bonsai was a certain type of tree, but learned that any type of tree can be bonsai. I really started to take an interest in bonsai once I became an empty nester. Needed something to do after the kids went on their way. I could have gotten a pet, but I’m not much into cleaning up fur or other accidents. Growing bonsai trees is great because it is peaceful, relaxing and it helps keep the hands nimble.
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