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Sprinklers and Watering Systems

• Practical advice for planning watering zones appropriate to climates and landscape varieties.

• Tips for successful do-it-yourself installation or for planning a system with a professional.

• Complete how-to for installing sprinkler equipment from a variety of manufacturers.

• Illustrated step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting tips, and do-it-yourself hints.

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3 comments to Sprinklers and Watering Systems

  • L. Schwab "whatever"

    Most complete book I’ve seen! This book has a detailed description of just about anything you can think of when it comes to installing your own sprinkler system. From planning bluelines to selecting sprinkler head types, it covered all bases. I was a totally new to the world of sprinkler installation when I read this, and now I feel like a pro!

  • Jon

    more theoretical than practical This is a great book if you’ve never worked with a sprinkler system and dont even understand how it works or how to go about designing one. This will give you a good basic understanding of how a sprinkler system works but only in the abstract. The problem I found when trying to use this book for instructions on even minor repair work– (i.e. replacing an anti-siphon valve or a section of pvc pipe or even how to work with pvc) is that it completely lacks any practical hands on step by step instructions or recommendations about how to work with the materials or how to install properly and to code. I’ve watched people work on sprinkler systems before and wanted to give it a try by replacing an entire section of leaky valve fittings and a broken valve, but I found more information by going online to how-to websites and just looking at the parts and fittings at my local hardware store to figure out how it all assembled like a puzzle. It seems like a well written book but isn’t a good buy for the Do-it-yourselfer looking for an instruction manual to get right in there and work with outdoor plumbing.

  • Leonard Hasemann

    Sprinkler Book A very good book for the homeowner with a sprinkler system. Lots of good info on how systems work, and how they can be modified. Worth the money.

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