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Sterling 92411044 18-Inch Battery Operated LED Bonsai Tree, Cool White

Our uniquely made 18-Inch Battery Operated Bonsai Tree has 48 energy efficient lights and is a perfect décor piece for any room in your house. The custom designed base houses it’s 4 AA batteries and includes a timer which will automatically turn your tree on after 6 hours and off after 18 hours. This multi functioning tree makes for a great center piece for all parties and special events. Kids also love this tree as a night light. This year round lighting feature will turn any dull or boring end table into a bright and vibrant living space. Not only will this be a wonderful decor piece for your home but it also makes for a terrific gift.

Product Features

  • Battery operated for ideal tabletop use
  • Set and forget it with it’s 6 on/18 off timer function
  • 48 energy efficient LED lights

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3 comments to Sterling 92411044 18-Inch Battery Operated LED Bonsai Tree, Cool White

  • HJ Varela

    Cheap construction, so warm up your solder iron Finally broke down and tried one of these, as I’ve been seeing them in furniture stores and garden centers around town.At $40, they’re not cheap so I was disappointed when I unboxed mine and watched it flicker once before refusing to work again. Upon closer visual inspection, it seems this product is very cheaply made. Some of the base plate screws weren’t even in all the way, and the battery contacts were at odd angles (this is the first thing you should check if you can’t get the lights to work, as most bent springs can be nudged back into place with a finger or pried upward with a screwdriver).Anyhow, after removing the base plate and peeling back the black electrical tape around the wiring and timer board I found that one of the leads had become unsoldered at one contact point, mostly due to lack of solder. I managed to clip, strip, and resolder the lead wire and resistor and the product worked perfectly after that.So if you’re not the magnifier and soldering iron kind of person, you might want to hold on to your receipt and/or try these at the store before buying.

  • Sandra Peterson

    GREAT ITEMS I bought this item for my sister, who frequents outdoor concerts. We always sit out on the lawn with small table, lawn chairs, a little wine, a little cheese. The tree is just enough light when the sun goes down and looks so much better than flashlights or lanters. Great additional to our summer concerts.

  • Anonymous

    This product was just what I wanted. However, I rarely use it and the lights are already going out. 5 lights are out right now. It hasn’t been moved. It has only been turned on and off. It is a very poor product. I am very disappointed!

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