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Succulent Potting Kit. Ceramic Bonsai Clay Pot, Soil, Screens and Top Dressing. 16 Pot Colors

Designer Succulent Clay Potting Kit.

Great favors for weddings or events that require the same theme and pot type.

Kit includes

Ceramic pot (several styles to choose from). Suitable for 2-3 inch succulents.

3/4 cups of Bonsai Jack 111 potting soil

2 tablespoons of top dressing

2 drainage screens


  • Uniform shipments. This listing is not for an “assortment”. You will receive the exact pot and potting kit  as seen in the listing.
  • Quality glazed pot.
  • Professional potting soil
  • Attractive top dressing.
  • Professional packaging.
  • Available in lots of 1 or 6



Product Features

  • Complete repotting kit for 2-3 inch succulents. Includes ceramic pot, soil, top dressing and drainage screens.
  • Uniform containers. More than 10 pots to choose from.
  • Quality Bonsai Jack Soil
  • Available in lots of 1 or 6.
  • Professional Packaging

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