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Taking Care Of Your Ficus Bonsai

Ficus trees are nice plants to have and of course to take concern. its like having a child that must be taking good care of.
Encompassing outsized and different family of plants, ficus bonsai vary from slithering vines to huge forest trees. They are in the midst of the most popular trees grown as indoor bonsai and are frequently used as outdoor bonsai in humid areas and other sub- steamy climates. They are well thought-out as strong plants that easily grow in simple places. Many fig species can be grown as ficus bonsai including the most popular ficus benjamina, microcarpa, and salicaria (also called nerifolia, salicifoli). or willow leafnearly any ficus with relatively small leaves can be used for bonsai.
Enclosing this kind of plant indoor requires responsibility of caring consisting of procedures for their fitness.
Basic ficus bonsai care includes the sunlight as well as other source of must give ficus the utmost amount of light every now and then; this will help to keep them vigorous and well-built. Exposure to badly lit light will result in gangly, weak, off colour growth and disease prone plants. When they are grown indoors, make sure that theres a lot of light source coming from your window or other alternatives like artificial light.

Watering is very vital perhaps somewhat complicated must water ficus when the soil is virtually dry make sure to avoid excess watering. Dry soil or persistently wet soil will result in frail growth and or putrid roots. Proper watering process can result to a healthier effect to your little ficus.

Feeding and fertilizer may contribute on your ficus growth, considering it as one practice on taking care of the plant.
Every week or even a couple of that, indoor plant fertilizer can be used. You must water down in accordance with the given label. Make sure to fertilize according on time or after a thorough watering of the soil. Fertilization must be condensed to at least a month during the wintry weather months when growth slows or stops.

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