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The Joy of Bonsai: The Easy Beginner’s Guide to an Ancient Art

Gain the confidence to START.

Finally starting your own “joy of bonsai” – That will be the result of buying and reading this entertaining, informative, and beautiful account of the history and present state of bonsai (and penjing) around the world, beginning, as the book does, with one man’s account of how he finally, after years of putting it off for fear of killing his trees, started.

If you’ve ever looked at a ficus or banyan tree and wondered what it might be like in miniature, this book will get you started enjoying the meditative art of bonsai. Find out how bonsai embodies the mysteries of the universe and the three virtues, called shin-zen-bi. Find out why Chinese punsai and penjing considered there to be magic in miniature.

The Joy of Bonsai, The Easy Beginner’s Guide to an Ancient Art provides a firm conceptual and emotional foundation that will translate finally into the confidence to start yourself. And if you practice bonsai or penjing already you will love the stories, traditions, and examples throughout the book. Chock-full of memorable quotes and beautiful images, this book reads like entertainment but before you know it you’re educated and ready to start!

With The Joy of Bonsai you’ll learn:

• What poet and philosopher William Wordsworth says we can learn from trees?

• What type of bonsai caused the author to fall in love?

• What type of tree has the best chance of surviving and thriving under the care of a newbie?

• For how long has bonsai been practiced on Earth that we know of?

• What are some of the mental and even physical health benefits of practicing this art?

• What does the word “bonsai” actually mean?

And all of this is discovered before you start on chapter one!

Buy and read The Joy of Bonsai, The Easy Beginner’s Guide to an Ancient Art. You’ll wish you had years ago!

Scroll back up and buy NOW!!

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