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ThinkBamboo Bonsai 8″ Concave Cutter, 8″ Knob Cutter and Bamboo Brush

Product Features

  • Set includes 8″ Concave Cutter, 8″ Knob Cutter and Bamboo Brush
  • Metal tools are hand forged from carbon steel.
  • These traditional looking bonsai tools are very high quality, and an amazing bargain at this price.
  • These tools will last a lifetime with proper care. Wipe clean and lightly oil after every use.
  • These tools are made in China with very high Quality Control. We guarantee you won’t be dissapointed with a 3 year replacement waranty.

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2 comments to ThinkBamboo Bonsai 8″ Concave Cutter, 8″ Knob Cutter and Bamboo Brush

  • J. Dahl

    Good quality, affordable option I bought these after looking at some very expensive Bonsai tools, and really just wanted the two cutters in the three-piece kit. I had initial concerns that the cutters may not be tight and smooth in operation, but I was pleasantly surprised after using them for the first time. Overall, a good quality set of tools for a reasonable price.

  • Anonymous

    These tools are great for beginners, but not of the highest quality. There is a small amount of gap between the cutting edges of the concave cutter after little use. The pivot screws are a bit “sticky” when opening and closing, which makes it a little awkward when trying to open and close with one hand while holding back branches with another. The bamboo brush is generally an unnecesary tool, but does not detract from the kit. The size and price are good and these would make a great set of tools for a beginner or someone on a budget. There are nicer products out there, but you can’t beat these for the price.

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