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Top Tips For Bonsai Care And Maintenance

Bonsai is a Japanese natural art form that has been around for over a thousand years.Bonsai has its roots in the spiritual path of Zen Buddhism. The goal is to create a miniature depicture of nature in its most perfect forms by using careful techniques of pruning and wiring.

The interesting thing about Bonsai is that these are not specially created dwarf plants. You can actually use any tree species to create Bonsai art.There are of course some species that are more popular for Bonsai such as fir maple, birch and cedar.

Caring For Bonsai Trees

Many people are put off taking up Bonsai because they think it’s going to be time consuming and difficult.In reality caring for Bonsai trees can be very easy. As long as you following some basic guidelines on fertilising, watering and positioning your Bonsai you should be able to achieve healthy, attractive growth.

Bonsai trees are quite delicate compared to other house plants so you will need to careful with them.Here are some tips for basic care:

Watering – this will depend very much on the species of tree, its size and also the climate. In most cases you will not have to water your Bonsai every day. Instead all you need to do it monitor the soil and water only when it gets slightly dry. Don’t let the soil dry out completely for the best Bonsai health.
Position – you will need to place your Bonsai in a position that offers it the best conditions for growth and health. Each species of tree will prefer different conditions so make sure you research this carefully.In general most Bonsai trees will prefer a bright spot with some sunlight and away from any cold drafts.
Fertilizer – because you will be growing your trees in pots fertilizer is very important.This will replace nutrients that have been used up in the soil and keep your trees healthy. You can buy specialist Bonsai fertilizers but also any garden fertilizer can be effective if you use the right quantities.
Pests and Diseases

Bonsai trees can be vulnerable to pests and diseases like any other plant. You will need to be vigilant for these problems so you can treat them quickly before they can damage your trees.

Common pests can include caterpillars, aphids, mites and slugs. You can treat these using special pesticides (follow the instructions carefully). These can be bought from garden centres and you can also order them online from Bonsai suppliers.

Common diseases include infections from fungus. This can cause problems such as a discoloured leaves and poor general health in trees. It is important to move the infected tree away from any other Bonsai or house plants to avoid the fungus spreading. You can then treat your Bonsai with fungicides and remove any infected or dead parts from the tree.

Original Author: Gareth Hoyle Full Bio
Growing Bonsai trees can be a rewarding and enjoyable hobby. These compact trees can be easy to care for if you take the time to follow the basic guidelines.
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