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TROPICA – Common Olive (Olea europea) – 20 Seeds – Bonsai

TROPICA® – Common Olive (Olea europea) – 20 Seeds

Worth knowing: The Common Olive has been known for about 6000 years and counts among the oldest of all cultivated plants. The plant can either be cultivated as a bush or as a tree. It is slowly-growing and very robust.

Origin: The Common Olive stems probably from the Eastern part of the Mediterranean region.

Propagation: Seeds can be started indoors any time throughout the year. Rough the extremely hard seeds slightly with a fine file or sandpaper and soak them in water at room temperature for 24 hours. Plant the seeds 1 cm deep in seed starting soil afterwards and place them evenly moist and very warm. Germination should follow within 4 to 12 weeks.

Place / Light: Like all other Mediterranean plants, the Common Olive loves a warm and very bright to full sunny place, outdoors as well. Watering and fertilizing: Water extensively during the summer months. The soil may dry on now and again. Water less during winter. Provide liquid bonsai-fertilizer every 3 weeks from April until October (with the exception of August).


Winter period: Because of the slow and squarrose growth pruning is sometimes laborious. Best is to shape the newly grown leaves into a round Crown.

Bonsai Suitability: Yes

Product Features

  • Price for 20 seeds
  • Four-colour-card with color photo
  • Seeds can be started indoors any time throughout the year.
  • Seed cards with detailed information about propagation, place, care and hibernation.

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