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TROPICA – Splitrock (Pleiospilos nelii) – 40 Seeds – Cacti / Succulents

TROPICA® – Splitrock (Pleiospilos nelii) – 40 Seeds

Worth knowing: This succulent plant is very easy to care for and cleverly disguises itself as a rock. Its compactly arranged leaves resemble pieces of granite – hence the name. The Splitrock grows up to 15 cm tall and develops yellow- orange flowers, about 7 cm in diameter, during summer and autumn.

Origin: South Africa (Northern Cape).

Propagation: Seeds can be started indoors at any time throughout the year. Mix fine ground cultivation soil with about 25 % of fine sand (silica sand works best). In order to guarantee that the seeds will not fall through the soil, the soil mixture should not be too coarse. Moisten the mixture with a water vaporiser and sprinkle the fine seeds on the soil. All cacti are light germinators, therefore the seeds should be left uncovered. Sufficient warmth (16 to 25°C) and high humidity are needed. Every seed tray should be covered with foil or a glass plate and should be aired for about 2 hours every 2-3 days.

Place / Light: The plant loves a sunny location but can also be placed in a rain sheltered outdoor position during summer.

Care: Water only after the substratum has dried out. Young plants should generally be kept a little moister. Rain water and water free of lime are ideal. A surplus of water should be poured out in order to avoid standing water and root rotting. Supply the plant with cactus fertilizer from Mai until August. Do not fertilize in blazing sun and see that the soil is moist before fertilizing.

Winter period: Keep the plant in room temperatures during winter and water exactly like in summer.

Bonsai Suitability: No

Product Features

  • Price for 40 seeds
  • Four-colour-card with color photo
  • Seeds can be started indoors any time throughout the year.
  • Seed cards with detailed information about propagation, place, care and hibernation.

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