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Tropical Mix – Imperial Bonsai Soil – Mini Bag

Tropical Bonsai Soil Mix is made with Turface MVP, Peat Moss, Sand, Small Aged New Zealand Monterey Pine Bark, and
Pumice Rock

Our Imperial Tropical and Subtropical potting mix is designed to be perfect for those Bonsai that are normally grown indoors during the year. They may be summered outdoors but usually are inside and these include Ficus, Serissa, Fukien Tea, Brush Cherry, Bougainvillea, Dwarf Umbrella and even some Elms. There are additional examples too, and a wide variety within each family. For instance, Japanese Pink Serissa, Snow Rose Serissa, and Chinese Serissa each different types within the family of Serissa Bonsai. Many tropical and subtropical Bonsai are quite easy to grown indoors providing that watering and light requirements are understood and maintained all year long.

Product Features

  • Specialty Bonsai Mix – Small Batch Fresh Made
  • Same Day Shipping!
  • Resealable Bag
  • Finest Ingredients
  • Generous stuffed 6 x 9 inch resealable bag (almost 2 Quarts)

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