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Unique Mothers Day Gift – Fukien Tea Bonsai

Brief Item Description

Is your mom a bonsai lover? If so, then you can consider getting her this Brussel’s Fukien Tea Bonsai as a Mother’s day gift for her.

This particular Fukien Tea Bonsai Tree is about 6 years old and is about 11 inches tall. It is an indoor bonsai and will certainly make your home look more elegant.

The bonsai tree has excellent trunk movement and produces small white blooms that are followed by red berries. It is imported from Southern China where it was grown in a nursery under controlled conditions.

Something to note is that bonsai tree needs sufficient light, soil, temperature, water, and humidity so it is best to have such an environment indoors for it to thrive.

Customers’ Feedback About The Brussel’s Fukien Tea Bonsai

Most of us, when we read about this particular product, would be that whether or not it will be in the same perfect condition (as seen in the photograph) when it is being delivered.

We have conducted a thorough research to find out what other customers have to say about the Brussel’s Fukien Tea Bonsai after purchasing it and, this product received quite a number of positive comments – Where most of them said Brussels did a great job when it comes to packaging and shipping their trees, and it arrived at their doorstep in a perfect condition.

The leaves, when it arrived, were all very green and healthy, and the soil was still moist upon arrival.

And finally, when it comes to taking care of this particular bonsai, many customers said it requires minimal care – All they did was to just water the bonsai every 2 to 3 days and keep in a sunny place.

Final Verdict

This Brussel’s Fukien Tea Bonsai would definitely be a great choice for a Mother’s Day gift especially if your mom loves bonsai trees or plants.

This Fukien Tea indoor bonsai looks really beautiful with its green leaves and will definitely be a great addition to the home. It will be a centre of attention when placed in any room. And we are very sure that your mom will certainly be delighted to receive indoor bonsai. It will be a great pastime for her to care for the bonsai tree.

Furthermore, by trimming and growing the branches in different directions, she will be able to get a bonsai tree of a unique shape. It will be like creating a piece of art and will be something she can be proud of.

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