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What’s Wrong With My Vegetable Garden?: 100% Organic Solutions for All Your Vegetables, from Artichokes to Zucchini

More and more home gardeners are discovering the rewards of growing their own vegetables. But along with the pleasures of homegrown produce come a host of problems: bugs, diseases, and mysterious ailments that don’t have an obvious cause. What’s a gardener to do?

Don’t panic — help is at hand. What’s Wrong With My Vegetable Garden? teaches you how to keep your vegetables healthy so they’re less susceptible to attack, and when problems do occur, it shows you how to recognize the problem and find the right organic solution.

Among the book’s highlights are:

  • Clear information about how to team with nature to create the best growing conditions for your vegetables.
  • Detailed portraits of the most commonly grown vegetables, including growth habit; information on the plant’s season; temperature, soil, light, and water requirements; and best garden uses and planting techniques.
  • Illustrated problem-solving guides that enable you to identify at a glance what’s ailing your plant.
  • Discussions of the most effective organic solutions, ranging from how to modify the growing conditions in your garden to how to cope with and eliminate specific pests and diseases.

If you care about raising the freshest, healthiest, most problem-free vegetables possible, then What’s Wrong With My Vegetable Garden? will quickly become one of your most essential tools.

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3 comments to What’s Wrong With My Vegetable Garden?: 100% Organic Solutions for All Your Vegetables, from Artichokes to Zucchini

  • Gen of North Coast Gardening

    A great reference for professional and home gardeners This is a handy little book for insect, disease, and care problems in the vegetable garden. I’m a professional landscaper, and while I was trained in pest control, my horticultural education was largely limited to ornamentals. So in my recent forays into vegetable gardening, there have been a few problems that I haven’t yet been able to figure out.Ten minutes into this book, and I had two persistent issues solved. The most exciting discovery for me was that the rough, scabby patches on my pumpkins were caused by too much water! I didn’t think I was overwatering, but when I thought about it, I realized that the plant with the problem was right at the center of my garden sprinkler, so it probably got more water than every other plant in the area. Knowing that was worth the price of the book, as avoiding scabby produce in future years will be something I’m greatly thankful for.The layout of this book is set up for quick reference and problem-solving, so it’s not a book that you need to sit down with and read cover to cover in order to benefit from. I’d definitely recommend it for gardeners who would like some quick help troubleshooting problems in their vegetable gardens.

  • Scave31

    Beautiful and practical! Problem solving: With great illustrations, it will be hard to go wrong figuring out what’s wrong with your plants. Once you’ve got the issue pinpointed, detailed instructions on what to do about it, give you and your garden a better shot at making it through.Plant-specific guidelines: Whether you’re growing artichokes, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, or zucchini, this book provides instructions on everything from planting time to soil prep, temperature and water requirements.Once you’ve figured out the issues with your precious garden pals, the problem solving section of the book is divided into families of plant types, making it easy to diagnosis and treat whatever your problems might be, pests or plague.Since this book is all about the organic, solutions are presented in terms of temperature, soil, light and water first. Organic ways of eliminating pests, large and small, are also discussed.I will be referring to this book over and over again. A beautiful and practical guide to making your garden the best it can be.

  • Geno's Garden

    Brilliant Format I’ve worked in nurseries and now have a garden design and coaching business. I also have my own garden. In all these categories this book would be a big hit. It really makes diagnosis easy. Here’s how it works: I say to myself, what’s wrong with ______ (a particular vegetable)? Then I look up that vegetable in the diagnosis section (last half of the book, the first half gives plant profiles for about all you might want to grow). I find _____ vegetable in that last half and there are pictures of all the problems that beset that particular plant with organic solutions.I was at a home show this weekend and showed it to many people. I was that impressed!Easy Sneezy!

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