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Electric Bug Zapper / Swatter – Best for Mosquito, Fly, and Home Indoor / Outdoor Insect Pest Control – Tennis Racket Shape – Child & Pet Safe – Built In Rechargeable Battery & Powerful LED Flashlight

Shaped like a tennis racket, the Bug Zug zaps bugs and insects such as mosquitoes, flies, gnats, spiders and even cockroaches dead on contact. Perfect for pest control around the home or when hosting a picnic or BBQ with your friends. -Zaps bugs dead of all sizes (small and large) -Safe to use around [...]

Hi-Line Gift Ltd. 37367-B96 30-Inch Lighted Pink Bonsai Tree with 96 Bulbs with Battery Operated Floral Lights

Use these gorgeous lighted pink bonsai tree branches for a dramatic touch to your next party, anniversary, holiday, wedding celebration or center piece. Ideal for indoor use and a great gift idea for anyone.

Product Features 30-Inch in height – 96 bulbs Bendable Stems Incandescent bulbs are rated for 8000 hours of use Lights [...]

Sterling 92411044 18-Inch Battery Operated LED Bonsai Tree, Cool White

Our uniquely made 18-Inch Battery Operated Bonsai Tree has 48 energy efficient lights and is a perfect décor piece for any room in your house. The custom designed base houses it’s 4 AA batteries and includes a timer which will automatically turn your tree on after 6 hours and off after 18 hours. This [...]