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Natural Enemies Handbook: The Illustrated Guide to Biological Pest Control (Publication (University of California (System). Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources), 3386.)

This book is the best-ever practical guide to the identification and biology of beneficial organisms that control pests. Growers, pest control advisers, landscape professionals, home gardeners, pest management teachers and students, and anyone fascinated by natural enemies and their prey will want this book to find, identify, and use natural enemies to control [...]

EarthPods® Premium Biological Plant & Flower Food Fertilizer Capsules (With 70+ Minerals & Nutrients, High % Humic Acids & Beneficial Natural Plant Microbes) for Easy Organic Gardening

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: (for optimal comprehensive results, we suggest watering weekly with TeaDrops® liquid plant food packets & feeding EarthPods® fertilizer capsules every few weeks as a regular fertilizing routine)EarthPods® flower & plant food capsules can be used successfully on most plants, flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits whether indoor / outdoor or in containers [...]

TeaDrops® Organic Plant Food & Flower Fertilizer Biological Liquid Tea Packets (70+ Minerals & Nutrients, High % Humic Acids & Beneficial Natural Plant Growth Microbes) – Organic Gardening

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:1. Fill watering receptacle (watering can, bucket, recycled gallon milk, etc.) with a gallon of lukewarm water2. If using city water, let water sit 12 hours in direct sun to lower chlorine which would otherwise kill all bacteria including the beneficial plant root microorganisms that we worked so hard to include in [...]