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Pest Repeller – 6 Pack Ultrasonic Repellent – Electronic Plug-In for Mice, Rodents, Rats, Insects, Roaches, Flies, Ants, Fleas, bugs, Safe for Pets – Indoor Pest Control [2017 UPGRADED VERSION]

Naviers’ Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

We are all annoyed by pests at our home, restaurant, stores, garage, and any other indoor space, aren’t we? They are around our pets, food, and children. Let’s stop this with Naviers’ Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. Just plug them in and let them do the rest! Your Place will [...]

Natural Enemies Handbook: The Illustrated Guide to Biological Pest Control (Publication (University of California (System). Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources), 3386.)

This book is the best-ever practical guide to the identification and biology of beneficial organisms that control pests. Growers, pest control advisers, landscape professionals, home gardeners, pest management teachers and students, and anyone fascinated by natural enemies and their prey will want this book to find, identify, and use natural enemies to control [...]

Electric Bug Zapper / Swatter – Best for Mosquito, Fly, and Home Indoor / Outdoor Insect Pest Control – Tennis Racket Shape – Child & Pet Safe – Built In Rechargeable Battery & Powerful LED Flashlight

Shaped like a tennis racket, the Bug Zug zaps bugs and insects such as mosquitoes, flies, gnats, spiders and even cockroaches dead on contact. Perfect for pest control around the home or when hosting a picnic or BBQ with your friends. -Zaps bugs dead of all sizes (small and large) -Safe to use around [...]

Toughest 360 Degree Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – 3 Speakers for Electronic Pest Control Against Crickets, Rats, Mice, Spiders, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Insects, Rodents, Flies, Roaches and Ants.

Are you tired of pests or insects at home? Tried everything but nothing gets rid of them permanently?

Don’t worry! De Dazzle has the perfect solution!

Presenting the INDOOR 360 DEGREE TOUGH ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER by De Dazzle This 360 degree pest repeller with not 1, not 2 but THREE [...]

Dead Snails Leave No Trails, Revised: Natural Pest Control for Home and Garden

A practical guide to repelling indoor and outdoor pests using organic methods, updated with new information on getting rid of bedbugs and dust mites, plus includes updated online resources.  If you’ve ever had a swarm of fruit flies in your kitchen or a gopher wreaking havoc in your yard, you may have wondered what [...]

The Gardener’s Bug Book: Earth-Safe Insect Control

This completely revised and updated garden guide shows how to identify and control more than 70 common garden insects using the best homemade and commercial control strategies.

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Tags: Gardener’s, EarthSafe, Book, Insect, Control

Pests of the West, Revised: Prevention and Control for Today’s Garden and Small Farm

The ultimate earth-friendly pest control resource for gardeners living west of the Mississippi. Product Features Used Book in Good Condition

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Tags: Revised, Prevention, Control, Small, Today’s, Garden, Pests, Farm

Yankee Magazine’s Pantyhose, Hot Peppers, Tea Bags, and More-for the Garden: 1,001 Ingenious Ways to Use Common Household Items to Control Weeds, Beat … and Save Time (Yankee Magazine Guidebook)

Readers discover how some old-fashioned Yankee ingenuity combined with household items that are ready to be tossed out will help them create a gorgeous and bountiful gardenWhy make a special trip to the garden center when the solution to those thorny gardening problems might be lurking right at home? Always on the lookout for [...]

Bonsai Boy’s Neem Oil Organic Pest Control Concentrate 2 Ounces

The Neem tree is considered to be one of the most promising trees of the 21st century. It has great potential in the fields of pest management, environmental protection and medicine. Used widely as a bio-pesticide for organic farming, as it repels a wide variety of pests, including the mealy bug, aphids, ants and [...]