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Dwarf Pomegrante Tree Container/Patio/Bonsai Size

Dwarf flowering pomegranate is a showy, dense dwarf shrub that displays attractive orange-red single flowers at an early age, followed by colorful fruit. Excellent for containers or for use in the garden. Effective bonsai. Deciduous. Moderate grower to 3 ft tall.

Product Features Grows to 3 feet tall. Produces delicious fruit. Blossoms flowers. Likes [...]

Brussel’s Bonsai Dwarf Hinoki Cypress

Our new ‘Sekka’ bonsai’s a super dwarf Hinoki Cypress cultivar not widely available outside of Japan. This variety’s unusual foliage responds to trimming by developing into a very dense, compact form. ‘Sekka’ stays small and requires minimal effort to maintain its shape.

Product Features Nice Open Foliage Dark Green Color Ideal with a 8″ [...]

Brussel’s Bonsai Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella Tree

Interested in bonsai but not sure where to start? Begin here. This attractive, fuss-free tree sports shiny compact leaves. The Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella tree is one of the easiest bonsai to maintain and does extremely well in low light environments, making it perfect for the office or home.

Product Features Graft Foliage Graft Foliage [...]

Brussel’s Dwarf Jade

The Dwarf Jade is one of the easiest to grow and is recommended for beginners. Small, rounded, fleshy leaves contrast nicely with thick, substantial trunks. Dwarf Jade adapt well to low light and are some of our most popular indoor items.

Product Features Indoor Tree 7 Years Old Small Round Leaves Easy to Grow [...]

Dwarf Pomegranate Plant – Punica – Bonsai/Houseplant/Outdoors – Edible – 4″ Pot

This exotic shaped fruit is sweet in flavor and can be easily grown inside as a potted plant, and if confined to the size of a one gallon pot will not grow taller than about two feet. However, if it is planted outside it can grow up to three feet if fertilized heavily. This [...]

Dwarf Gardenia Plant – Bonsai or House Plant – FRAGRANT – 4″ Pot

Tropical plant with fragrant white flowers, glossy, dark green leaves. Stays very short. Excellent for bonsai or as a house plant.Lighting: Partial shade to full sun.Temperature: Zone 7 to 9. In cooler regions grow as a house plant in a windowWatering: Do not allow to dry out and remain dry. Prefers moist soil. Feeding: [...]

Dallas Bonsai Garden’s Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella Tree (Indoor) ZHU5

Schefflera arboricola, or Dwarf Schefflera, is native to Taiwan and favored among bonsai enthusiasts due to its beautiful umbrella-shaped compound leaf structure and its suitability as an indoor plant. This tropical is also dearly beloved because it’s one of the few tree species that will form aerial roots, given proper humidity. These [...]

Eve’s Dwarf Japanese Juniper Bonsai Seed Kit, Woody, Complete Kit to Grow Dwarf Japanese Juniper Bonsai from Seed

Grow Bonsai Trees from seed with this Complete Dwarf Japanese Juniper Bonsai Seed Kit. Perfect for children or any individual who wants to get their hands dirty and learn the hobby of Bonsai. The seeds in this kit will germinate and continue to grow for many years. Kit includes Dwarf Japanese Juniper Bonsai Seeds, [...]

A Starter Shimpaku Juniper Bonsai Tree – NEW, Cute, Cool, Very Dwarf Upright Mame Bonsai

A very dwarf in size Shimpaku juniper bonsai tree crafted with decorative rock and specially grown fern moss for anyone, especially those who wishes to for his/her first bonsai tree. Although trained in a small pot, this tree has big aspirations and all the traits and beauty of it’s full-sized siblings. This juniper tree [...]

Pleioblastus Distichus Dwarf Fernleaf Bamboo #1 Size Live Bamboo Plant.

Pleioblastus distichus

Common name: Dwarf Fernleaf Bamboo

One of the smallest of all bamboos. Very erect, upright fan shape leaves. It makes a very nice, short, compact ground cover. The small size of this bamboo makes it an excellent choice for bonsai enthusiasts.

Height x Diameter: Ht. 2′ x .25 Minimum temperature: Hardy to [...]