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BONSAI JAPANESE MAPLES: Developing Japanese Maples from Seedlings for Bonsai (Okami Gardens Bonsai Series Book 1)

BONSAI JAPANESE MAPLES: Developing Japanese Maples from Seedlings for Bonsai provides step-by-step instructions, tips and information for growing tiny seedlings into outstanding works of art. The satisfaction of displaying a beautiful, refined bonsai tree is undeniable. To say you grew it yourself from a seedling puts you in a superior class of artist. Japanese [...]

Dallas Bonsai Garden’s Drainage Mesh/Hole Screens

Dallas Bonsai garden’s plastic drainage mesh. 5 sheets per package. Each sheet is 6 x 8″. Allows you to cut it to whatever dimensions you prefer.

Product Features Fujiyama plastic drainage mesh for bonsai This material is flexible, but rigid enough that it won’t sag Now sold in a 40″ by 6″ roll Made [...]

Bonsai Boy’s Growing Bonsai Indoors By Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Growing Bonsai Indoors is an introduction to beautiful tropical and subtropical bonsai that can thrive inside your home year-round. Tailored to the needs of first time bonsai growers, this hands-on guide explains step-by-step how to make indoor bonsai flourish. You’ll find a thorough overview of the most common bonsai styles fully illustrated with color [...]

Dallas Bonsai Garden’s Japanese Flowering Quince Bonsai (Outdoor) ZJFQ1

There is only one word that describes Red, Pink and White flowers all on the same tree and that would be: Beautiful. Blooms March – April. The only unfortunate thing about this tree is that Agricultural regulations prohibit us from shipping it to California & Arizona.

Pot: Traditional Style Ceramic [...]

Hirt’s Gardens All Natural Bonsai Potting Soil – 1 Quart

Bonsai soil mix is professionally formulated to provide optimum growth for all bonsai plants. It provides the plant support, moisture and drainage that bonsai need. Pre mixed, ready to use and excellent for repotting.

Product Features Great for all bonsai Provides excellent drainage Professionally formulated Pre-mixed, ready to use All natural

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Dallas Bonsai Garden’s Fukien Tea Bonsai (Indoor) ZFT2

The Fukien Tea is from the Fujien area of southern China. In its natural habitat this member of the borage family may grow to 12 feet tall. This popular tropical bonsai tree has small, shiny, dark green leaves with tiny hairs on the underside. The bark is light brown to reddish and [...]

Dallas Bonsai Garden’s Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella Tree (Indoor) ZHU5

Schefflera arboricola, or Dwarf Schefflera, is native to Taiwan and favored among bonsai enthusiasts due to its beautiful umbrella-shaped compound leaf structure and its suitability as an indoor plant. This tropical is also dearly beloved because it’s one of the few tree species that will form aerial roots, given proper humidity. These [...]

Dallas Bonsai Garden’s Chinese Elm – Medium (Indoor / Outdoor) ZCE2

Ulmus parvifolia, a native of China, Korea, and Taiwan, is a spectacular choice for a first bonsai. Whether you have a black thumb or are an advanced artist, this species is an easy to care for and visually delightful addition to your home. With its small, shiny leaves that take well to [...]

Designing Gardens with Plant Shapes

A practical, hands-on method for the design of planting, ensuring a final garden that suits the reader’s needs and style   Rather than relying on plant knowledge, this innovative book introduces a new visual approach to planting design. It sets out the principles of planting design, introducing the nine plant shapes and a selection of appropriate [...]

Miniature Garden Guidebook For Beautiful Rock Gardens Container Plantings Bonsai Garden Railways Miniature Garden Guidebook

Provides information on designing a railway garden covering such topics as selecting plants watering fertilization pruning and controlling pests.Title Miniature Garden GuidebookAuthor Norris NancyPublisher Kalmbach Pub CoPublication Date 2011/05/25Number of Pages 111Binding Type PAPERBACKLibrary of Congress bl2011030204

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