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Finnhomy 3 Piece Aluminum Garden Tool Set/Gardening Tool Set, Garden Kit for Digging Weeding Loosening Soil Aerating Transplanting, Makes Great Gift

Description: Cast Aluminum garden tools with dual-color ergonomic handles

Features: – Transplanter:12.6″, Trowel:12.8″, cultivator:12.4″ – Material: Durable PP+TPR; Aluminum – Package Dimensions: 14.2 x 4.3 x 2.95 inches – Shipping Weight: 2.28 pounds – Stain Resistant: YES – Ready to Use: Yes

Product Features UNIVERSAL IN USE – Perfect for digging, weeding, loosening [...]

12 Seeds Metasequoia Glyptostroboides (Dawn Redwood) Makes an Excellent Bonsai Tree

Mature trees in China are broadly conical and grow about 100 feet tall from thick buttressed roots. Presumably they will eventually attain a similar size in the U.S. and elsewhere–young plants grow 3 feet or more a year. On a large lawn, they can attract attention not only for their history but for their [...]

Revolving Ergo Fit handle makes pruning shears perfect tree trimmer, rose pruning tool. The Gentle Giant Gardening Tools adjustable bypass pruner is traditional garden clipper for fruit tree pruning.

Adjustable Size, Ergonomic Grip Perfect for Men & Women

Enhance Your Pruning Experience Now!

– Sick of pruners too large or flimsy to use?

- Hands fatigued by heavy, old fashioned garden clippers?

- Tired of pruning scissors that buckle and bend?

- Fed up of pruning shears with weak manufacturer warranties? [...]

Convenient 230g Individual Brick – Coconut Coir Fiber – Coconut Peat – Organic Soilless Potting Soil – For Hydroponic, Mushrooms, Seeds, Worms, Containers, Bedding – Easy to Carry, Use – Makes 1+ gallon

Coconut coir is the pith part of the coconut husk (shell) that emerges from the husking process. Long fibers are extracted for environmentally safe growing products, ropes, mattresses, and cushions, and coconut pith is the binding material that remains. A special grade of coconut coir is washed, screened, graded, and processed in various coconut [...]